We often think of vision in terms of something we will accomplish when God provides the resources or sends us the right people or we finally develop the best strategy. In fact, many churches delay engaging in ministry because they focus on what they lack.

Did you ever stop to think that one of the ways of identifying your vision is to see what God already has in place in your church? If you look around you and begin assessing what God has already placed within your church, you may discover some amazing resources.

For example, God has given you many persons with the gift of helps (service) but few with the gift of teaching. That may be telling you that a high-powered Sunday School is not a part of your current vision but a very practical community service outreach might be the focal point of your particular mission as a congregation. Maybe you have almost no young people, but you have many mature older adults who are active and who have a passion to serve others. A youth ministry may not be your emphasis, but a senior center might be.  Or you only have a couple of people with the energy and passion to reach young people, but you have a number of adults who are natural born mentors and are willing to spend time with kids helping them in their walk with God.  This could mean that a discipleship focus rather than high energy programming may be the best form to deliver youth ministry.

As you step faithfully into the stream of ministry using the resources God has already provided, you may well find that He adds more.